• pirates and queen 1
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    Pirates and Queen

    Пираты и королева Презентация по предмету Английский язык, 7 класс Pirates are the maritime bandits, who furrowed sea spaciousness and pillaged since ancient times, and their deeds were always outside the law. In the beginning of XVI century England was reputed the queen of seas. It established the special approach to piracy. English pirate rendered the tax into exchequer and got the Letter of Marque. The Letter of Marque was a license for piracy. It granted rights for attack to merchant ships of governments, which was in the state of war with England. If a pirate had the Letter of Marque, he called as a corsair. In XVI century corsairs…

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    Пуритане и Новый Свет

    Презентация по предмету «Английский язык», 6 класс Puritans and the New World The life in America About Puritans The Puritans were a group of people that came to America from England. They were unhappy with the Church of England. They thought it was becoming too much like the Catholic Church. They wanted to change it and make it more «pure» by removing the ceremony and music. Mayflower The Mayflower was the ship that transported the Pilgrims from a site near the Mayflower Steps in Plymouth to America. The Passengers of Mayflower There were 102 passengers and a crew of 25–30. The Plymouth of Massachusetts became the capital of Plymouth Colony…

  • plants
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    Значение растений для жизни на Земле

    Реферат по предмету «Английский язык», 6 класс The importance of plants for life on the Earth It is impossible to imagine our world without plants, which are our true and silent green friends. Green plants create conditions for life on the Earth. They secrete oxygen, which is necessary for breath, and they are the food for animals. Plants prevent accumulation of carbon dioxide redundancy in atmosphere. Because of that the greenhouse effect decreases.Plants protect and keep the Earth since they cover it with a green carpet. Plants form milder and wetter climate, because the leaves of plants resists to drying effect of sun rays. Roots of plants fasten and keep…

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    The Tower of London

    Реферат по предмету «Английский язык», 5 класс The Tower of London is the fortress in the historic centre of London, on the north bank of the river Thames. It is the oldest building in Great Britain. Now Tower is the historical site and museum. The founder of Tower was William the Conqueror, who replaced the wooden fort onto huge stone building in 1078. Later the Tower was whitewashed and since it called as White Tower. The White Tower is 90 feet high and the walls vary from 15 feet thick at the base to almost 11 feet in the upper parts. In the 1190s, King Richard the Lionheart enclosed the…