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Пуритане и Новый Свет

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Puritans and the New World

The life in America


About Puritans


The Puritans were a group of people that came to America from England. They were unhappy with the Church of England. They thought it was becoming too much like the Catholic Church. They wanted to change it and make it more «pure» by removing the ceremony and music.




The Mayflower was the ship that transported the Pilgrims from a site near the Mayflower Steps in Plymouth to America.


The Passengers of Mayflower


There were 102 passengers and a crew of 25–30. The Plymouth of Massachusetts became the capital of Plymouth Colony in 1620.


The Puritans in the English Colonies


The journey was very hard. During travelling many people fall ill and died. But the puritan troubles didn’t end. The weather wasn’t fine. They hadn’t houses and was forced to live the first time outdoor.


Would the New World remain free of the corruption and the injustices that they left the Old World?


The fact that the Puritans established a community in the wilderness based upon the Bible was no surprise. Politics and religion was not a problem for Puritans in the New World. Their religious, social and political life was in a collective and cooperative unity. It was all part of their communal life in the colonies.


The new troubles


The natives of America, Indians, was hostile to Puritans at first. They often attacked newcomers, which settled down on their territory. Puritans were forced to barricade their houses against Indians.


The Puritan Dream


The Puritans came to the English Colonies in America by the tens of thousands during early decades of the 1600’s. They had big dreams for a new Christian settlement in the New World.
The first group of Puritans planned to send there 1,000 people. They took 11 ships. All 11 ships reached Massachusetts in 1630. Once they reached that place, where they wanted to be in America, the Puritans wanted to have a governor. They had chosen John Winthrop as the governor.


The Puritans’ Life Style in America


The Puritans were very strict in their beliefs and the father was the ruler in the family. The wife took care of the house and raised the children. The mother was very strict with her children. If children behaved badly it was considered as the result of parents who did not follow God and did not discipline their children properly.


Sundays in the colonies

пуританская свадьба

Sunday was a big day in the colonies. On Sundays they spent their time praying and reading the Bible instead of working. They could not sew, farm, cook, or anything.
On this picture there is a puritan wedding procession


The Puritan Church

пуританская церковь

In the church women, men, and children were separated. The men were on one side, the women were on another, and the children were expected to be silent.


Sundays was the time for politics


Sunday afternoon was also a time for politics and discussions. It was a time to discuss and decide what needed to be done in the colony.




Education was very important for the Puritans. They felt that all children should be able to read and all children were required to learn to read. Reading was very important so that everyone could read the Bible.


Women and Education

пуританская девочка с азбукой

Women attended basic schools, but could not get the further education that men could. Only men could become ministers, so it was considered that women did not need the further learning.


Harvard University

Гарвардский университет

The Puritans established Harvard University in 1636. Harvard was named after its first benefactor, John Harvard. It is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In the early years this College trained many Puritan ministers. Now it is the most prestigious university in the world.

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