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    August Putsch

    Презентация по предмету «Английский язык», 10 класс Тема презентации: значимое, массовое событие в вашем городе (митинги, демонстрации, протесты, можно также фестивали). August putsch is an attempt of removal Michael Gorbachev from the USSR president’s post. It was launched by self-declared Governmental Committee of Emergency State (GCES) at August, 19, 1991. At August, 17 the future members of GCES met in the closed residence and decided to form the Committee, to introduce the emergency state and to demand of Michael Gorbachev to bow.At August, 18 the members of the Committee flied to Crimea in order to obtain Gorbachev’s contest of introducing the emergency state. Gorbachev refused them. After that all types…