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Презентация по предмету «Английский язык», 10 класс

Презентация посвящена тенденции в России: каков процент населения живет в браке, каков процент людей, пользующихся интернетом и т.д. Статистические данные были предоставлены учителем. Необходимо было изобразить диаграммы и таблицы, а также изложить свое мнение по поводу этих данных.


The proportion of married Russian people is 58%. The proportion of unmarried Russian couples is 10%. Now the number of unmarried couples in Russia is increasing because some people suppose that the marriage has depleted. And so there are many bastard children now. It is no wonder that the proportion of Russian children living with one parent is going up. Today this proportion is 30%. The proportion of Russian children living with two parents is 46%. The most of these families has one or two children.

At the same time, the family is one of the main human values. The family is the house, father and mother, near and dear people. This word we listen since our birth. This is the love and happiness. The household is the people, which could support you to the crunch, understand and forgive. The household is the little model of world within the scope of one house. The personal forming is begun here. The saving of family is the critical modern goal, because if the household is broken, the nation will be broken too.

I was really surprised my friend sent more text messages and messages on social network because I talk a lot with people every day.

I was really surprised my friend talked on the phone less than me because I know he talks on the phone very much.

I wasn’t surprised that I was online more than my friend because I know that I have more free time than him.

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